Osito Orchards

Hotchkiss, CO

Bright Colorado sun at 6000 feet plus cool nights and clean mountain water makes Osito's fruit some of the tastiest you’ll ever eat.  Osito Orchard is under the expert organic management of Frank Stonaker, who shared his many years of experience growing organic vegetables and row crops with his students at CSU before fulfilling his dream to reach higher and grow fruit.

BETH is taking the lead on sales at Osito Orchard.  She applies her myriad of skills from extraordinary customer service to business management to technical issues to help keep things running smoothly on the farm.  After nearly 20 years of midwifery practice, and an engineering career before that, Beth loves learning about the details of growing exceptional fruit.

FRANK is managing the production of the orchard, bringing over 30 years of experience in organic agriculture to this new venture.