Where are you located?
We are located just north of downtown Denver in sunny Colorado. (link to find us page & map). Drop us a line if you'd like to schedule a time to stop by and say hi. We're open M-F from 10am-4pm.
What does the MM stand for, anyway?
MM isn't short for mmmmmm (as in yummy) although if you’re noticing a pun, you wouldn’t be the first. Actually those are the initials of our two founders: Jim Mills and Ben Mustin. And we say it “M.M.” - not M&M, M plus M, two MMs or any of the other permutations out there.
Are you hiring?
This Summer and Fall, we are hiring production staff.  This is the important team who makes our company run by turning cucumbers into pickles, and bins of produce into cases of jars.  If you like to work with food, please contact us to apply.  Se habla Español.
I placed an order online to be shipped to my house and the order has arrived damaged. Can my order be replaced at no additional cost?
We strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction in everything we do. If your order has been damaged in any way upon delivery due to shipping, please contact our customer service at info@mmlocalfoods.com to inform us of your inconvenience. We will happily replace your order or provide an online store credit.
Why aren't all of your products available year-round?
We source locally grown, organic products from Colorado farmers harvested and canned at the peak of ripeness. Since we only source from Colorado farmers, we are at the whim of the harvest each season. When it's a great year for certain products, we may have more. When there's not a great harvest for certain products, we may have less.
Are your products organic?
Yes, all of our products are certified organic.
Are your products gluten-free?
No ingredients containing gluten are used in any of our products.  However, we do not test to certify that our products are gluten-free.
What does Live-Fermented mean?
Our Live and Local line of products are those that have been pickled using traditional methods of preservation called fermentation. Our fermented products have not been pasteurized (like our other products) so are raw, full of probiotics, have higher sodium levels (salt is a key ingredient for most safe food ferments) and definitely require refrigeration.
Is shipping the only delivery method to receive your products?
It is definitely not! If you live in Colorado, you can visit our facility to pick up your order. Please check out our shipping/pick up page for more information. You can also shop at several of our supporting retailers.