12 - Jar Case Sriracha Sauce

This complex, bright Sriracha sauce is made with fermented chile peppers. Select varietals of heirloom chiles deliver a combination of heat, sweetness, and a floral citrus finish that accentuates a delicious balance of sweet and spicy. Most Srirachas use red jalapenos as their sole pepper; ours uses a blend of peppers harvested at the end of the growing season when the cool nights sweep in and add a little sweetness to the heat of the pepper. 

  • organic colorado mixed chiles, organic vinegar, organic raw sugar, organic garlic, sea salt
  • who grows ‘em: Full Circle Farms

  • eat ‘em: Use on just about everything as your go-to condiment and hot sauce - eggs, burgers, pizza, vegetables, potatoes, sushi, dipping sauce, and more!

Category: Colorado