Eat local, all year round.

MM Local partners with local family farmers to can and preserve produce at the height of ripeness. It’s real, local food that tastes like it’s supposed to, so we can all eat local and delicious, all year round.

Great food comes from great farmers.

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At MM Local, we invest in relationships to make better food.

At every level of our organization, we believe that the value we create is in the relationships we build. Our strength as a company, our value as a brand, and the deliciousness of our food will only be as strong, as valuable and as good as the relationships we build along the way.

We are a values-driven company inspired by a simple mission - making it easier for all of us to eat local food, all year round.

Our Vision and Values

Build the leading national brand for authentic local food, in order to:

  • inspire stronger community connections
  • create growth that directly benefits local communities
  • invest in the development of a more healthy and sustainable food system