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Harvest Shares are back and better than ever in 2014. Be a part of our community commitment to local agriculture, and you will help MM Local purchase our goal of over 250,000 pounds of produce in 2014. If you have been a Harvest Share member in the past: many thanks for your continued support.  Our Harvest Share community provides vital support for MM Local and our local farmers - all to create a more delicious and sustainable community.

Spring Into Action - 3 Reasons to Order Now!

  1. Timing is everything. Your spring order has a greater impact on our farms, providing the financial commitment to allow them to plan and grow more great produce in Colorado.
  2. You can order your Harvest Share and a Gift Pack for Father's Day...all at the same time!
  3. Spring Pricing ends June 2nd!  Don't pay more than your share, order now.


What is a Harvest Share? 

The MM Local Harvest Share program is the best way to support MM Local and our local agriculture community. Your commitment early in the season provides the resources we need to buy more delicious produce from local family farmers. In return, we give you the best deal on our products and guarantee you a mix of all of the delicious fruits and vegetables we'll preserve this year. You pick it up at one or two easy pick ups in November and January.


In 2013, Harvest Share Members helped MM Local buy more than 175,000 pounds of produce from local, organic family farmers. Here's what some of them had to say: 

  • "We are harvest share members & doubled our share from last year. We love the community: local farms, local business & our happy taste buds! We buy extra for gifts when we go to friend's houses." - Jay  
  • "We are harvest share members who believe in supporting local businesses. This organization provides fresh, local products which taste awesome. We started small, but are looking forward to our bigger share this year." - Gina


*Harvest Shares include additional products not shown above

Here's a glance at your Harvest Shares options in 2014:


Member Benefits: 2014 Harvest Share members always get $1.00 off all MM Local products at Farmers Markets and Community Events!*

*Valid through 2014 when purchasing directly from MM Local at Farmers Markets or Community Events.


Quick Links: 

Pick Ups

We'll have convenient pick up opportunities in the late Fall and Early Winter to swing by and take home your order from locations around Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and Edwards. Quarter Shares will pick up everything at the first pickup in early November. Half and Full Shares will have a second pick up early in the new year, so you can enjoy an even greater variety of delicious products. Dates and locations for pickups will be announced in advance, and we will work with you to make sure you get your goods! In the the meantime, you'll be the first to receive regular updates with the latest news on the harvest, our new products and exciting food events.


What you get

A share of the MM Local harvest, plain and simple. We are focused on sourcing the highest quality produce of the 2014 Harvest Season - which is kind of like having Mother Nature come on board as the head of product development. We’ll choose the products we make based on the crops she and our farmer partners grow best. And because we will pick the best fruits and vegetables of the season, you can expect a unique mix of superior-tasting products that you can cook with and savor all year round.

You’ll receive the products you love - simply-preserved organic tomatoes, peaches, chile peppers, pickled beets, paonia pears and pickles – but you’ll also get to taste a selection of exciting new simply-preserved products. Cherries, apricots, dried peaches and pears, pickled carrots and pickled onions might all make an appearance in your share. As a member of the Harvest Share program, you’ll also be among the first to know as this year's product mix comes to life through our Harvest Share updates. 

This year, Harvest Share members will have exclusive access to some of our most popular products including Front Range Tomatoes as well as new live-fermented vegetables and more!


Add-on more of what you love

Want more of a particular product? Sign up for add-ons of what you love best with your order of any Harvest  Share. Choose 4 additional jars of Tomatoes, Chiles, Peaches, Pickled Beets or select one of our Grab Bags of fruit, pickled vegetables, live-fermented vegetables and more. You can pick as many add-ons as your heart desires. 


What products can I expect?

Because we buy what grows best in a given year, the contents of your Harvest Share will be a little different every year. We'll provide a mix of products that includes favorites like fruit from the Western Slope, tomatoes, pickled vegetables and more - all with an eye towards a mix that's easy to use, useful in the kitchen and always delicious. A Full Share (60 jars) in 2012 looked like:

  • 10 Front Range Tomatoes (Basil & Rosemary)
  • Tomato Juice
  • 7 Pickled Boulder Beets (Regular and Curry)
  • 5 Dill Pickles (Garlic & Spicy)
  • 6 High Desert Chile Peppers (your choice of HOT or MILD)
  • 6 Western Slope Peaches (with Honey & without)
  • 5 Old Orchard Plums
  • Paonia Pears (Pears & Pears with Rosemary)
  • 4 Apple Sauce (Jonny and Classic)
  • 2 Pickled Carrots
  • 2 Pearl Street Onions
  • Western Slope Apricots
  • 2 Dill E. Beans
  • 3 Dried Fruit (Apples and Pears)
  • 3 Live Fermented (Simply Kraut, Rye Style Kraut & Spicy Kale Kim-Chi)



What if I want to choose what's in my Harvest Share?

MM Local's ability to make the best products we can depends on our flexibility with each year's harvest. We hope you'll understand that the majority of the products you receive will depend on what grows well in Colorado this year! With that in mind, we will do our very best to help you get what you want. If you have a product you'd prefer not to receive, we'll work with you. 

If you want more choice right now, we're offering add-ons to any Harvest Share that allow you to tack on a few extra products of your choice to your basic share - visit our online store to see our full selection of Add-Ons!


Why buy a Harvest Share?

The MM Local Harvest Share guarantees that you'll get the best deal on MM Local's products and get as much as you want before they sell out. Plus, your early purchase strengthens our collective commitment to local family farmers by providing a stable and growing market for their produce. As a result, we are able to buy more from our partner farms to make an even greater impact on our local food economy. It's a win-win-win program for you, MM Local, and the people who grow us such great food.


 What does it mean to be a Harvest Share member? 


  •  95% of 2012 Harvest Share members joined the program because they want to support local agriculture or because they think the products are delicious
  • In 2013, Harvest Share Members helped MM Local buy more than 175,000 pounds of produce from local, organic family farmers
  • "Why are we members? My husband would say hot peppers. My daughter would probably say applesauce or peaches, and I say tomatoes!" - Cindy
  • 2013 Harvest Share Members received over 40 varieties of simply-preserved fruits and vegetables
  • "I started as a member last year because I am also a small business owner and I wanted to support MM Local as a business as well as all of the local farmers. My relatives are farmers in Illinois and I know some of the struggles our farmers face daily. Now, I'm happy to add another reason I doubled my share this year. The food is fantastic! My family ate it up immediately." - Jeni
  • Harvest Share members are invited to join MM Local for exclusive Harvest Share farm dinners with local chefs and our local family farmers. Plus invitations and discounts to canning classes, seasonal events and more!





How do I know that I'll like what I get?

MM Local is committed to making the most delicious, simply-preserved local products - always locally-grown, organically-raised and traceable to a local family farmer. Our products are made with the highest quality produce of the season, and are simply preserved with as little added as possible. Plus, our website provides a growing selection of recipes to cook up delicious meals with your MM Local products. We're confident that if you give our products a shot you'll love them. If you end up with too much of any one product for your taste, they make great gifts for a dinner party or a food-loving friend!

Still no, huh? If you won't eat or enjoy a particular product in your Share, we'll work with you to make sure you are satisfied with what you receive. We want you to join us again every year!