About MM Local

At MM Local, we invest in relationships to make better food

At every level of our organization, we believe that the value we create is in the relationships we build. Our strength as a company, our value as a brand, and the deliciousness of our food will only be as strong, as valuable and as good as the relationships we build along the way.

We are a values-driven company inspired by a simple mission - making it easier for all of us to eat local food, all year round.

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Our Vision and Values

Our Vision: 

Build the leading national brand for authentic local food, in order to:

  • inspire stronger community connections
  • create growth that directly benefits local communities
  • invest in the development of a more healthy and sustainable food system

Our Values:


We will eat together, laugh together, and grow together. We understand that we are only as good as our relationships with the people around us. And we work everyday to establish stronger relationships, building on respect for each other and our communities. From this foundation, we will hold ourselves accountable to grow our business in a way that benefits our people, our planet, and our company.


Our products will always be delicious - highly nutritious, the best quality, organic whenever possible, natural, hand-crafted. We work to bring more delicious to our own lives and those of our consumers, and try not to take ourselves too seriously in doing it.


We’re bringing honesty back to food and to our industry at every step. We strive for transparency. We live and create with integrity, hard work and commitment. Our end goal is to make an honest living - to run a profitable, wholesome business that enriches the lives of our consumers, our employees and ourselves. 


We choose not to let fear - fear of what’s unknown, of what’s hard, of what’s new or different - to determine the decisions we make or the path we take. We will not be afraid to choose the path that we believe is right, even if it’s a little harder or less certain. We will not be afraid to have ideas, to speak our minds or to push each other to improve at every step of the way. Acting without fear is not to be confused with acting thoughtlessly, recklessly, naively, or without regard to collaboration and team. It is instead recognizing that to achieve our vision, we must choose to do what’s best for our company, our customers and our community. Often this will be different than what’s expected by the status quo. At times this will be scary; we choose to do it anyway.